Smart Ass

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Smart Ass the board game is the ultimate fun trivia game for 2 to 12 players, where everybody plays every turn, the game doesn't labour on for hours, and even if you are a "Dumb Ass", you can win!

Smart Ass is an all play game. With every question asked, every player can yell out the answer at any time and as soon as they think they know the answer, even if it not your turn.

With Smart Ass that's the way you play and that's the way you win. There are four question categories: Who am I? Where am I? What am I? and Hard Ass!

The 500 questions are formulated into lots of clues. The clues get easier as the question is being read out, but don't wait too long to answer, as the first person to yell out the right answer, wins the round and moves closer to the Smart Ass. If you yell out the wrong answer, then you are out of that round and have to wait 'till the next question is asked.

Contents: Play Board, 12 Smart Ass Playing Pieces, 2 x 12 sided Dice, 500 Questions Cards (100 What Am I?, 100 Where Am I?, 100 Who Am I?, 200 Hard Ass).

Ages: 10 years +

Players: 2 -12.


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