Ghost Blitz

Yallingup Maze
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Ghost Blitz is a fast moving shape and color recognition card game.The game is comprised of a stack of cards, and a small wooden white ghost, “Balduin”, as well as four additional wooden objects that represent the things he likes to make disappear when he is haunting his house: a grey mouse, a red chair, a blue book, and a green bottle. The cards include colored illustrations of select wooden objects, but the colors on the card don’t always match the wooden representations. As each player takes a turn at drawing a card, all players race to grab the wooden objects that match the correctly colored illustrated objects, or the wooden objects that are not represented by color or object on the cards. The player who grabs the correct object keeps the card, returns the wooden object to the table, and the player with the most cards at the end of the game is declared the winner. A game to keep everyone on their toes!


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