Yallingup Maze is one of the most fun and challenging mazes in the Margaret River region. It’s the only timber maze in the region.


Inspired after a family trip to New Zealand in 2005, the idea of Yallingup Maze was born. We wanted to give families a fun activity to do in Margaret River that challenged your senses.

  • 40 x 50 metres in area
  • 5 towers
  • 4 inter linking bridges
  • 5 set of stairs
  • 1.6kms of winding passageways
  • 550 timber panels – many interchangeable
  • 1.9m high maze walls
  • Emergency exit from central bridge
  • Pram & wheelchair friendly
  • Average time to complete 30 minutes
  • No dogs allowed in the maze
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The aim of the maze is to navigate through pathways, underpasses and bridges to find the four corner towers. The fifth central tower can only be found correctly upon leaving the tower 4.

There are 4 different levels of challenge depending on how you are feeling and who you are with.

  1. Easy: Find one or two corner towers
  2. Medium: Find all 4 corner towers in any order
  3. Hard: Find all corner towers in numerical order 1 – 2 – 3 – 4
  4. Extra Hard: Find all corner towers in numerical order without using the bridges


Keeping things interesting.

The timber panels are reconfigured to a completely different maze 4 times a year. We like to keep you guessing. There is painted artwork to selected panels and a series of indigenous words to find for our younger maze goers.


Your admission gives you unlimited access to the maze all day, plus free access to our nature playground and puzzles to play.

Adults (16+)
  • 19.00
Children (5 - 15)
  • 16.00
  • (4 years & under are free)


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Yallingup Maze is a popular destination for groups. The maze itself is very interactive. The different levels and winding passageways allow you to remain in contact with those you entered the maze with. Maze goers negotiate passageways with a common goal. Groups can be organised into teams to compete against each other. Yallingup Maze is a fun activity for sporting clubs, school excursions, corporate groups and hen's parties....



Yallingup Maze + water pistols = lots of fun. Water pistols through the maze in summer are always very popular. Your mission: To keep cool and have fun. Each tower has a water fountain underneath for easy reloading. Most of the time in summer we have water pistols available to use or you can bring your own.


Winter is also great time to do the maze. There is always protection from the elements in the towers and under the bridges. Our air-conditioned puzzle café awaits you after your journey. There are games to buy and play. Hot chocolate and light snacks to enjoy. We have rain ponchos available.


The maze comes to life after dark! Nightmare Maze - Halloween weekend October. Try to find your way through while the lost souls torment those who dare enter. A terrifyingly entertaining night of fear and fun. Will you be brave enough to make it to the end??? This is a LIVE SCARE EVENT for 16 years +. Any children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Not for the faint hearted…………

See our Facebook page for event details

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