Kids' Activities in the Margaret River Region

Fun kids activities for all ages and all weather. Timber maze, bouncy castle, free puzzles and games to play, huge outdoor nature playground and more.  All in one convenient place.

5 and under 6 - 12 years Teens
Yallingup Maze * * *
Puzzles and Games * * *
Arrow & Counting Mazes * *
Nature Playground Timber Steps * *
Log Maze *
18-hole Mini Golf course * *

5 and under

  • The maze, 4 years & under go free and there is an emergency exit should someone need to go to the toilet! Hidden murals to be found along the way. Have fun even if you just find one tower.
  • Fun educational games to develop hand eye coordination and early problem solving skills. You can find these games free to play on our café tables.
  • The nature playground is all about creativity and imagination.
  • Develop balancing skills on the log maze.
  • Enjoy a baby cino or milkshake in our puzzle cafe

6 – 12 year olds

  • Come on an adventure to find the 4 corner towers of the maze. You can find the towers in any order if you like and test your memory whilst you are at it. 
  • Great selection of problem solving and logical thinking games for this age group. Also many fun card games. Try them out in our café for free.
  • Arrow and counting mazes to figure out
  • Walk the timber stepping stones and climb the bendy tree in the nature playground
  • Try out our mini golf & let the adventure begin. The balls float & there’s even nets to scoop them out.

For Teens

  • Use your intuition and develop your navigational skills when you attempt the maze. The hardest challenge is to complete the 4 corner towers in numerical order. Tower 1,2,3 then 4. 
  • Find the optical illusions that are hidden in the maze.
  • Huge selection of brain teasers and mind bending puzzles to test the smartest teenager! Popular board games that adopt lateral thinking and strategy. A great range of games that are hilarious and fun.
  • Play 18 holes of mini golf. There's a harder & easier hole on each green.



Great range of hand selected puzzles and games in our cafe. Free to play all day. Games for all ages. When it stops raining, let your kids burn off some energy in the maze or our nature playground.



Stay cool and have fun. It’s time to break out the water pistols! Go through the maze armed and dangerous. Water stations under each tower for easy reloading.



All the fun things in one place. We love parties & we know how to organise them. With a range of activities to choose from, parties can be tailored to suit your needs.



With a huge outdoor maze, 18-hole mini golf course, nature play areas and indoor puzzle cafe, Yallingup Maze is the perfect solution to the question of how to entertain the whole family in the Margaret River region.

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