Things To Do

A world of mind bending, fun things to do in the Margaret River region in one convenient place. An ever changing maze, bouncy castle, free puzzle & games to play, nature, indoor/outdoor licensed cafe, great trees to climb and more.

Yallingup Maze offers great things to do for all ages.

The maze is a fascinating challenge for adults, kids and teenagers.

And our unique selection of puzzles and games – free to play in our cafe – promise to inspire, challenge, excite and delight!

Margaret River Restaurant Yallingup Maze_attractions

Ever Changing Maze

It’s not as easy as it looks. Your challenge is to reach the four numbered towers. You get to choose your level of challenge.

Navigate your way through the maze. Take this turn or that one? Stairs? Bridge?

Race your family or friends.

And even if you’ve done it before, we sneakily change the maze. So every time you come, it’s different!

Ever changing maze

Free-to-Play Puzzle and Games

A huge range of mind bending puzzles, brain-teasers and entertaining board games for the whole family.

All free-to-play in our cafe.  A great thing to do in the Margaret River region on rainy days or when you need a rest after exploring the maze. They’ll keep you entertained for hours.

Available for purchase in our ‘Best Ever’ One Stop Puzzle Shop.

Puzzle and Game Challenge

Bouncy Castle

The bouncy castle at Yallingup Maze makes it feel like a party!

You can relax…

Kids can bounce away to their heart’s content.

Bouncy Castle

Nature’s Playground

The most wonderful outdoor nature-play space.

Kids can run wild with the wind in their hair.

Free range kids rule!

Natures Playground

Arrow & Counting Mazes

How good are you at following directions?

Log Maze

This is for the little ones.

Make it from start to finish through the log passage ways.

Or practice your balance skills.

The Bendy Tree

A must is to climb up and over our famous old bendy tree

An excellent photo moment!

How strong are you?

the bendy tree